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  Virtual Amoeba

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Digital pictures racing on virtual paths through the world to enlighten our screens, on which the world seems to be in pieces, and bit for bit are arising unexpected realities. Digital pictures become more and more the stage. The technical structure of the www expands the digital aesthetics with common view AND transformation of pictures. Common transformation can be understood as a structural characteristic of digital pictures.

The theoretical paper binary digit pictures is the starting point for the creation of Virtual Amoeba, describing the emancipatory potential of digital pictures as the latest kind of technical pictures. The theory surveys, how the digital technologies of picture producing transform the reality with pictures.

Virtual Amoeba may support the unsophisticated dissolving of surfaces, like the screen, like personal thought patterns or like a predominant mass agreement. Emancipation as the breaking of social constraints begins with dissolving of forced views of world, which are naturally generated by the omnipresent mass media views on the world.

The public picture doesn't automatically lead to an open and self-confident use of pictures. Most of the pictures we are exposed to are marking ends: they have a strict aim in a strict world of value. We are put into a world of hermetic pictures, which focus our wide range of ideas and our imaginativeness on themselves. Those pictures cause the opposite of emancipation. Those pictures are pieces of ready made enlightenment out of context, while those define and channel the individual possibilities to decide and kinds of perception.

Virtual Amoeba [amoeba:from Greek: changing shape] aims to the inversion of this way of looking at things: in the metapicture both number of virtual visitors and duration of their stay transform pictures. Virtual Amoeba wants to show, that pictures will be changeable by common looking on them.

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