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7. – 30.7.2006 in der Al Kahf Art Gallery in Bethlehem

a show for bethlehem

Review des Kurators Agricola de Cologne

a show for bethlehem   

»Through their selfportraits the artist were personally present at Bethlehem and showed their solidarity with Palestinians living behind the wall. [...] More cultural activists should become active in Palestine, not just by importing art, like it happens mostly currently, but by giving motivation and perspectives as a cultural strategy.« (aus dem Review von Agricola de Cologne)

Weitere Ausstellungsorte:
Officyna Art Space, Szczecin, Polen (20.10. – 20.11.2006)
MAC – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santa Fe, Argentinien (10.12.2006 – 28.1.2007)
Casoria Museum of Contemporary Art, Neapel, Italien (ab 16. Dezember 2006)
Museum Arte Contemporaneo Rosario, Argentinien (2. – 28.2.2007)

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