dtp digitale theorie und praxis
smtp sinnmaschinentextpassagen
cpu chronologie programmatischer unternehmungen
  pappelschnee dtp ][]P3|\|.|=r@/\/\3.\/\/()r|<][  


r4wb1t5 presentation   r4wb1t5 presentation

if i were a woodlouse
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(A)r4WB1t5 micro.Fest 2005.08.27@AlterSpace
2430 N.Washtenaw #3N CHI IL .US 60647

for this final Alterspace event r4WB1t5 plays w/the concepts and constructs of showing digital art w/in an exhibition called ][]P3|\|.|=r@/\/\3.\/\/()r|<][ (aka open frame work) of digital still art. the exhibtion is compiled from an open online call for work. anyone and everyone who uses the internet could be a part of this gallery show. every artist will receive equal wall time (length of event divided by number of participants) in the display of their digital art works.

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